Free and reliable VPN for those who care

Help us defeat Putin’s war propaganda and censorship in Russia

Hi, my name is Fedor Gorozhanko. I was born and lived most of my life in St. Petersburg but on February 23 I had to leave Russia because of the persecution in the case of politician Alexei Navalny. And the very next day the war began...

Along with the attack on Ukrainian cities, Putin launched a massive crackdown inside Russia. Thousands of Russians were arrested at peaceful rallies, the government started blocking social networks and media that call a spade a spade, military censorship arose. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all independent media have been blocked. Russian authorities are threatening to block YouTube as well. Without a VPN, it becomes more and more difficult to access reliable information every day. The freedom of the Russian internet has been destroyed.

I first set up a VPN server for personal use back in 2018, when Russian censorship authority Roskomnadzor began its unsuccessful attempts to block Telegram messenger. I also gave out a few access keys to my friends and family to stay in touch with them. Nowadays more and more people from those who stayed in Russia have turned to me for help. I gave out a few dozen more access keys and realized that this help needs to be scaled.

Window to Europe, a free VPN based on Dutch data centers for those who stay in Russia and who care.

Users pass a simple registration on the site, then they get an email with an access key and instructions. Using my VPN allows to avoid any Russian government blocking and censorship. Window to Europe allows users to freely and securely communicate, receive and share independent information.

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